7th CPC Eligible Courses for grant of Technical Allowance (Tier I & II) for Armed Forces- MoD

7th CPC Eligible Courses for grant of Technical Allowance (Tier I & II) for Armed Forces- MoD

Review of courses for grant of Technical Allowance (Tier I & II) to the three services pursuant to acceptance of recommendations of 7th Central Pay Commission

No.15(49)/2017/Tech. Allowance/D(GS.II)
Government of India
Ministry of Defence 

Sena Bhawan, New Delhi-11
Dated 25th June, 2018 

The Chief of the Army Staff
The Chief of the Naval Staff
The Chief of the Air Staff 

Subject – Review of courses for grant of Technical Allowance (Tier I & II) to the three services pursuant to acceptance of recommendations of 7th Central Pay Commission — regarding. 


Pursuant to the acceptance of the 7th Central Pay Commission recommendations in respect of the Armed Forces, I am directed to convey the sanction of the President for the courses eligible for grant of Technical Allowance (Tier I and Tier II) for three services as given at Appendices A to C of this letter, subject to the following conditions: 

i.Technical Allowance (Tier I & II) may continue to be paid at the existing rates of Rs.3,000/- and Rs.4,500/- per month respectively; 

ii. The existing terms and conditions for regulating the admissibility of Technical Allowance (Tier I & II) will continue to be followed; 

iii.The Technical Allowance (Tier I & II) will be admissible to those technically qualified officers who are recruited/posted/appointed against vacancies in Technical branches and are available for full-time deployment in these branches. 

iv. The Technical Allowance (Tier I & II) will be admissible to those technically qualified officers who are available for full-time deployment in the Technical branches and also fulfil the prescribed eligibility conditions. The Technical Allowance (Tier I & II) will not be admissible in case they are appointed against posts which are not actually related to technical and maintenance duties. A suitable mechanism to ensure strict compliance in this regard may be devised in consultation with the CGDA; 

v. It is clarified that Officers of AMC, ADC, AEC, MNS and non-technical officers are not eligible for Technical Allowance (Tier I & II); 

vi. Any future review of list of courses will be done by the three Services with the approval of PPOC. Any addition/deletion in the list will be done with the approval of MoD/MoD (Fin). 

2. The grant of Technical Allowance (Tier I & II) will also be subject to fulfilment of the criteria laid down in this Ministry’s letters given below as otherwise stated in this order: 

a. No.1(22)/07/D(Pay/Services) dated 8th January, 1998;
b. No.1(26)/97/XXII/D(Pay/Services) dated 29 Feb 2000;
c. No.B/26254/POG/AG/PS-3(a)/872/D(Pay/Services)dated 8th June 2004;
d. No.1(55/2008/D(Pay/Services) dated 4th November 2008;
e. No.A/63088/GS/MT-10/795-C/D(GS-II) dated 25 June 2010 and subsequent amendments/clarifications issued from time to time. 

4. The above mentioned provisions will be applicable with effect from 1st April 2018 

5. This issues with the concurrence of MoD (Fin/AG/PA) vide ID No 3(2)/2018-AG/160-PA dated 25.06.2018.

Yours faithfully, 

(Samit Datta Gupta)
Under Secretary to the Government of India 

Appendix ‘A’ 

Ser No
Name of the course
Technical Allowance (Tier-I)
Officers commissioned into the Army under Technical Graduate/University Entry Scheme/Short Service Technical/10,+2 Technical Entry Scheme/Women Special Entry Scheme (Under specified vacancies for technical graduates) will be considered available for deployment as technical officers in the Army from the day they complete their professional training (ie pre commission training and young officers (YO) course including its equivalent course of the respective Arms/Service
Degree Engineering Course from CME Pune/MCTE Mhow/MCEME Secunderabad
AMIE (Passed section A&B)
Officers with Graduate degree in Engineering, BE, B Tech, BA Arch and B Planning AMIS (Direct Final Exam Passed in Land,  Surveying/Hydrographic, Surveying/Building, Quantity and Valuations Surveying), AMIETE or equivalent from any recognised University/Deemed University in India or abroad or an IIT/REC/BITS during or prior to joining service and irrespective of the type of commission of the officer, will be eligible for Technical Allowance Tier I.
Technical Allowance (Tier-II)
PG Degree/M Tech from IIT/NIT/DIAT/BARC/IISc and any other Recognised University/College from India or abroad.
Long Survey Course at IIS&M, Hyderabad
Officer Advanced Mechanical Engineering Course (AME) officer Advances Armament Engineering Course (OAAE) officer Advanced Computer Technology Course(OACT), Officer Advanced Electronics Engineering Course (Communication) OALE(C), Officer Advanced Electronics Engineering Course (Radar & Control) OALE(R), Aviation Technology Course, Maintenance Conversion Flight.
Military Vehicle Technology Course
Any Technical Equipment Course abroad sponsored by MoD/Gol of 11 months duration and above.
Signal Officers Advanced Telecommunication Engineering Course (SOATE)
Graduate Entry Equipment Orientation (GEEO) Course
Any Specialised/Advanced Course for Instruction of 24 weeks’ duration and above on
Particular Weapon System/Platform/Equipment Conducted at Defence institutes/
Conducted at India or abroad sponsored by MoD/Gol/Service HQs.
M. Tech (Structures), M. Tech (Energy Sys)
Long Air Defence Course(LADC)
Advanced Weapon Technology Course (AWTC)*
Special Weapons Course(SWC)*
Modelling & Simulation Course*

* Officers already qualified on courses recommended to be discontinued will continue to draw the Technical allowance till superannuation. 

Appendix ‘B’ 

Ser No
Name of the Course
Technical Allowance (Tier-I)
Engineering/Electrical Branch Officers: Award of Engine Room Watchkeeping/Afloat Electrical Competency Certificate respectively
Naval Architecture Branch Officers: Completion of Construction Training Officers Course at INS Vishwakarma (erstwhile Naval Shipwright School).
Short Service Commission (Engineering/Electrical/Naval Architecture) Officers: Completion of Naval Orientation Course.
Naval Armament Inspectorate Officers: Naval Technical Staff Course(NTSC) at MILIT, Pune.
Special Duty List Technical Officers: Completion of Special Duty List Post Promotion Course (SDPPC).
Technical Allowance (Tier-II)
Post Graduate degree/diploma course of Engineering or Scientific nature at recognised Engineering institutions and colleges in India/abroad/and DIAT, Pune
Warship/Submarine Equipment/System Design course at Naval War Academy Leningrad/University College London/Universities abroad.
Post Graduate Degree/Diploma course in Naval Arch itecture/Nava/ Construction /Warship /Submarine Design/Construction or related disciplines in India or Abroad.
Advanced (Dagge0 Marine Engineering Course leading to MSc Degree of University College of London/Naval College of Engineering abroad, Post Graduate Degree of Naval War Academy Leningrad/M E Degree of Pune/University in India or abroad.
Nuclear Engineering Course at BARC, Mumbai.
Dagger Ordnance Course at Naval Colleges/Institutions in India or abroad.
M Sc (Aero Engg) or Post Graduate Course in Aeronautics at US Naval School, Monterey, California/abroad, Air Engineering/Air Electrical Specialisation Course at AFTC, Bangalore and NIAT, Kochi
Basic Armament Specialisation Course at CNAI(West)/Special Weapons Course/Advanced Naval Weapons Systems Engineering Course/Laser and Electro Optics Course conducted at DIAT, Pune
Marine Engineering Specialisation/Professional Course at INS Shivaji/RN Training Establishments/ Institutions Abroad, Electrical Specialisation Course at INS Valsura/Satavahana, Marine Engineering/Electrical Specialisation Course at IN Training Establishments.
Naval Construction Course at Construction Training Office, Davenpor/abroad, Overseeing Course in Shipbuilding/Production in India/abroad.
Post Graduate Degree/Diploma from University in India or abroad in Underwater Electronic, Power Electronics and Control Engineering.
Courses in Controls/Systems Engineering and Design/Missile Guidance at Universities/Institutions in India/abroad.
Marine Propulsion and Control Technology at DIAT, Pune or conducted by the Indian Navy/Service Institutions in UK/abroad
Courses at Naval Colleges/Institutions in UK/abroad on Weapons Radio Applications and Weapons Testing Tuning.
Shipyard Management Course/Hull Technology and Repair Course at Naval Dockyard/INS Vishwakarma (erstwhile Naval Shipwright School)/Abroad
Satellite/Communication Course at ISRO, Ahmedabad.
Marine/ Mechanical/Electrical/Electronics/ Weapons/Sensors/Naval Architecture /Aeronautical Technology and Equipment Course conducted in Service Institution/Shipyards in India or Abroad.
Equipment Maintenance Course conducted by OEMs/Authorised Weapon Training Establishments on respective Equipment for 12 weeks or more duration in India/abroad specific to Naval Warships/Submarines/Aircrafts/Weapons.
Aircraft System Maintenance/Weapon Delivery/Ejection Seat Courses in India/abroad.

Source:- [https://mod.gov.in/dod/sites/default/files/Review130718.pdf]


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