Letter to IBA on Transfer of Workmen Staff

Letter to IBA on Transfer of Workmen Staff

53 Radha Bazar Lane, (1st Floor), Kolkata – 700 001


Chief Executive
Indian Banks Association
World Trade Centre

Dear Sir,
Sub: Transfer of Workmen staff

This has reference to be telephonic talks the undersigned had with Shri Chouhan on the captioned subject.

We are constrained to note that some of your member banks have issued large scale transfer orders of clerical staff to far flung areas from their existing place of posting, we understand based on some communication from CVC, as an aftermath of recent episode of big fraud in Punjab Nation Bank.

Such transfer orders being issued at the fag end of the financial year of the banks will land all these banks in to difficulty. This apart, there are certain laid down procedures and practices in the matter of implementation of routine rotational transfers of clerical employees such as; age of the employee, commutability of the branch where he/she is to be transferred, kilometer distance criteria from the existing place of posting etc.

The way the transfer orders are being issued it appears that in the eye of the banks clerical employees, whose executive authority is very very limited, and their presence in the branch for a period of 5 years or so happens to be the only root cause of corruption at the branch level of the banks.

We are restraining ourselves, in this context, to express our views on the recent episode of unprecedented fraud in Punjab National Bank that has somewhat shaken the confidence of the general customers over the safety on their deposits.

We urge upon you to please use your good offices and prevail upon the managements of the concern banks not to issue/implement these types of transfer orders on the clerical employees ignoring all prevailing procedures and practices in the interest of maintaining congenial industrial relations at the bank level.

Anticipating positive response,

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,


Source:- Letter to IBA for Transfer of Workmen Staff


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