Empanelment of AYUSH Hospitals /Centres under CGHS/CS (MA) Rules at Delhi, Noida and Calicut

Empanelment of AYUSH Hospitals /Centres under CGHS/CS (MA) Rules at Delhi, Noida and Calicut

Government of India
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Department of Health & Family Welfare
Directorate General of CGHS

Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi 110 011
No. S - 11011/90/2016/-CGHS (HEC) AYUSH/Pt- l.
Dated the 26th December, 2017


Subject: - Empanelment of AYUSH Hospitals /Centres under CGHS/CS (MA) Rules

With reference to the above mentioned subject attention is drawn to the Office Memorandum of even Number dated the 9th November, 2017 and to state that the following AYUSH Hospitals have signed new MOA and submitted PBG and are notified as CGHS empanelled hospitals for a period of 3 years from the 15th December 2017 as per the revised CGHS rates and terms and conditions as contained in the said OM:

1. Kailash lnstitute of Naturopathy Ayurveda & Yoga , 26 KP-1 , Greater Noida, -201308 Phones-0120-2327911 &2327900 E-Mail: kinav@kailashnaturopathv.com

2. Sree Subramania Ayurvedic Nursing Home, Karikkamkulam, Karaparamba P.O.Calicut, Kerala-673010 Phone-+9'1495/2371452,606101 1 Email:info@ssanh.com

3. Vivekanand Prathishthan Parishad, Vivekanand Hospital Yogasharam, Patparganj Road, Khureji Delhi- 110051,Tell.22502142,22424057 E-mail: healinq@bol.net.in

4. Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital, Khosla Medical lnstitute & Research Society, Block-B, PockeFP, Shalimar Bagh(West) Delhi-110088 ,Phone'.2747501 , 9502,9503 E-mail: info@mahospital.orq

5. Bapu Nature Cure Hospital & Yogashram, Gandhi Nidhi, Mayur Vihar Phase-l Delhi 110091, Phone- +91991 1371757 Email: info@bnchv.org

The non-NABH Hospitals are however, required to obtain NABH Accreditation within one year from date of this empanelment, failing which they are liable to be removed from the list of empanelled hospitals under CGHS.

(Dr. D.C.Joshi)
Director, CGHS

Source:-Download O.M. CGHS


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