Closure of 39 Military Farms of Indian Army- CGDA

Closure of 39 Military Farms of Indian Army- CGDA
Office of the CGDA, Ulan Batar Road Palam Delhi Cantt. 110010

No. AT/III/11143/MF/AA/2015-16


Pr.CDA (WC) Chandigarh
Pr.CDA (CC) Lucknow
Pr.CDA (SC) Pune
Pr.CDA, O/o the Pr.CDA Banglore
C.D.A. (Army) Meerut
C.D.A. Jabalpur
C.D.A. Secunderabad
C.D.A. Patna
C.D.A. Guwahati
Addl.CDA (NC) Jammu

Sub - Closure of 39 (thirty nine) Military Farms of Indian Army.

Kindly refer to the Ministry of Defence letter No. 7(1)/2016/D(QS)/2017 dated 20.07.2017 regarding above mentioned subject, wherein MoD has conveyed the approval of Cabinet Committee on Security(CSS) for closure of 39 MFs within a period of three months.

2. In this regard, it is requested that all PCsDA/CsDA concerned may direct all LAOs under their jurisdiction to complete the Audit of the Accounts/ Ledgers with supporting documents up to closure of the Military Farms within a period of two months. In this connection, necessary instructions may be issued to all LAOs under their control for Audit of Accounts accordingly in a time bound manner.

3. The balances outstanding in AROBs in respect of Military Farms would need to be updated and cleared on priority, bringing down these balances to the minimum possible immediately.

This issues with the approval of Addl. CGDA(A&B).

Encl: As above

ACGD (Accts & Bud)

Source:- CGDA Circular


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