Low Military Service Pay (MSP): Petition in HC

Low Military Service Pay (MSP): Petition in HC

A petition was filed in the Orissa High Court on Monday by former Defence personnel against the Finance and Defence Ministries against being aggrieved over the low pay given to soldiers, sailors and airmen since September 1, 2008.

The petitioners stated that because of this, each individual ex-Serviceman pensioner (JCO,OR) lost a minimum Rs 31,0700 (without DA) in the last 109 months and, thus, they subsequently also lost the benefits of OROP and the 7th Central Pay Commission recommendations which is linked to this Military Service Pay whereas the real benefit is availed only by the Commissioned Rank Officers.

This is great injustice and can demoralise both serving and retired Junior Commissioned Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and the other ranks of the three services, pointed out the petitioners.

If in India an organisation like military, the Government cannot bring uniformity in single allowance, i.e., Military Service Pay which represents persons wearing uniforms then the country would never reach the basic objectives of the Constitution that are equality, justice, fraternity, freedom and liberty as enumerated in its preamble, the petitioners stated.

Source:- The Pioneer


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