7th Pay Commission: Cabinet set to meet, what to expect, Big day Today

7th Pay Commission: Big day today, Cabinet set to meet, what to expect
It is a big day for the central government employees today as the Union Cabinet is likely to take up the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission. If the agenda is set later today and the cabinet takes up the matter, then the employees can expect higher HRA and allowances.

Before the Cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Arun Jaitley are scheduled to meet and take a final call. However central government employees must also know if the issue is not taken up today owing to the July 1 GST rollout, then it will surely come up in the next cabinet meeting on July 5.

What Modi had indicated

Before leaving for the US, Modi and Jaitley held a meeting. Modi had made it clear to Jaitley that there should not be any further delay. During the discussions it was also pointed out that the matter regarding allowances and HRA has been pending for over one year now and hence any delay would not be good.

HRA most likely at 27 per cent

In all probability the Cabinet may clear the HRA at 27 per cent. Sources say that the Cabinet would try its best to take up the matter today. Earlier, the Union Cabinet was expected to give its nod to the proposal on allowances, including HRA last week but it got delayed due to foreign visits of both the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

What to expect in July salary

If the Cabinet takes a final call today then the central government employees will get revised allowances from July month salary. The Government is keen in relieving the inflationary stress which is on the employees of the central government. A source part of the process said that the government has taken into account the inflationary stress that is on the employees and hence would announce higher allowances. The Government source said that there is a need to give the employees some amount of financial comfort. We are hoping that the matter will be taken up in the June 28 Cabinet. Everything has been approved in principle. The Cabinet meeting is just a formality the source also added. Sources indicated that the higher allowances would take effect from July 18 2017. The long wait for the employees is likely to end soon. The final nod would be given by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi after he returns from the Netherlands. Modi had already held a review meeting with Jaitley on June 19.

Living standards

The Government wants its employees to have a better living standards. The hike in the salaries as per the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission did very little to improve the living standards of the employees. Hence the announcement of higher allowances will help ease the stress of the employees, according to the government.

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