7th Pay Commission Allowances: No Confirmation on Higher Allowances with Arrears, Says NJCA

7th Pay Commission: No confirmation on higher allowances with arrears from January 2016, says NJCA

"There is no confirmation given to us regarding the same. The committee on allowances is yet to finalise its report," NJCA convenor Shiv Gopal Mishra said.

New Delhi, April 4: The National Joint Council of Action (NJCA), leading the negotiation on behalf of Central Government employees, has refrained to confirm whether Centre would implement higher allowances with retrospective effect. A day earlier, reports had claimed that Centre is likely to rollout the hike in allowances along with arrears from January 1, 2016, which was the scheduled date for implementation of 7th Pay Commission recommendations.

Citing sources from the Finance Ministry, a Sen Times report on Monday stated that higher allowance will be provided along with arrears from January 2016. However, the claims of the report were discarded by NJCA convenor Shiv Gopal Mishra. While speaking to India.com, he said, “There is no confirmation given to us regarding the same. The committee on allowances is yet to finalise its report. They are yet to take the decision.”

“But if the Government has decided to give us allowances along with the arrears, then we are delighted. This decision would be highly welcomed by the employees. The arrears on allowances is our right. The date of 7th Pay Commission implementation was January 1, 2016. The employees wait for 10 years for the hike. Since the Government failed to implement 7th Pay Commission on the slated date, then it is their duty to provide us with arrears,” Mishra added.

The 7th Pay Commission report was approved by Union Cabinet in July 2016. Due to anomalies raised by unions regarding the abolition of several allowances, Centre decided to hike only the basic component of the salaries. To review the 7CPC recommendations related to allowances, a high-level committee was formed under Finance Secretary Ashok Lavasa.

Even nine months after its formation, the committee on allowances is yet to submit its report to the Centre. Although the model code of conduct was considered as the reason for delay in pay hike, the Lavasa committee failed to submit its report following the conclusion of five-state assembly polls.

The employee unions are expecting the allowance hike to be implemented from May 1. However, Government is yet to issue an official confirmation.

The delay in allowance hike has created distress among the Central Government employees. “We are waiting for the hike since past 16 months. Why is the Government so insensitive towards our genuine demand. We want them to approve the higher allowances along with the arrears at earliest,” said a senior Central Government employee on condition of anonymity.

NJCA has sharply condemned Centre for delaying the allowance hike. “There is not a single employee who is not distressed. Everyone is broke. Some may not express it. But everyone is disappointed in the manner in which the Government is handling (the issue),” Mishra said.

The allowance hike was deferred in July as NJCA had protested the abolition of 52 and subsumption of another 36 out of the existing 196 allowances.

The implementation of higher allowances would impact 47 lakh central government employees. Apart from the hike in allowances, NJCA has also appealed the Government to review the minimum salary of employees and scale it to at least Rs 26,000 per month.

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