Transfer Policy- Exemption from 5 Years Service Condition

Comprehensive Transfer Policy- Exemption from 5 Years Service Condition
R.B.E. No.12/2017


New Delhi, dated 10.02.2017

The General Managers (P)
All Zonal Railways/Production Units
(As per standard List)

Sub:- Comprehensive Transfer Policy - Exemption from 5 years service condition.

Ref :- Railway Boards letter No. E(O)lll-2014/PL/05 dated 31.08.2015

Attention is invited to para (xi) of Board's letter referred to above on the above subject wherein it was stated that in the case of non-gazetted Railway employees, no inter railway transfer requests will be considered till completion of five (05) years of joining Railway

2. References have been received from Zonal Railways seeking clarifications in connection with the condition of five years, particularly its applicability to requests for transfers sought on mutual exchange basis, on spouse basis etc. Both the Staff Federations viz AIRF and NFIR have also raised this issue. The matter has accordingly been considered by the competent authority and, in partial modification of Board's letter referred to above, it has now been decided that the following categories of transfers in the case of non-gazetted staff will be exempted from the condition of a minimum of five (05) years service:-

(i) Transfers sought on mutual exchange basis;
(ii) Transfers sought on spouse ground;
(iii) Railway servants who are care-givers to a disabled child and
(iv) Physically handicapped Railway Servants.

3. Other terms and conditions governing such transfers remain unchanged.

Hindi version will follow.

Please acknowledge receipt.

( M.K. Meena)
Deputy Director Estt.(N)
Railway Board



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