Transfer Policy Causing Difficulties to Group ‘C’ Staff- Review Urged

Transfer Policy Causing Difficulties to Group ‘C’ Staff- Review Urged

National Federation of Indian Railwaymen 

Affiliated to :
Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC)
International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF)

No. II/14/Part VII

Dated: 06/01/2017

The Secretary (E),
Railway Board,
New Delhi 

Dear Sir,

Sub: Transfer policy causing difficulties to Group 'C' staff-Review urged-reg.

Ref: NFIR' s PNM Item No. 18/2016.

Federation desires to invite kind attention of the Railway Board to the discussions held by the GS/NFIR with the MS on 05/12/2016 in his chamber wherein DG/Personnel, ED/E(N) and ED (IR) also participated. Consequent upon discussions, it was apprised that the case will be processed for obtaining the approval of the competent authority in certain situations which deserve to be considered while retaining 5 years minimum service condition in the remaining situations.
Representations received by the Federation reveal that on many Zones (more particularly Western Railway) in those cases where the applications were submitted by the staff prior to Board's letter dated 31/08/2015 and have been accepted by other Zones/Divisions, unfortunately the staff have not been released to effect transfer in the absence of clarification yet to be issued by the Railway Board. Federation desires to state that these cases include the ex-servicemen re-employed in Railways who have been facing severe hardships. Federation has also come to know that Zonal Railways including Northern, Western Railways have made references to Railway Board seeking clarification which are pending with the Railway Board, consequently, staff are put to severe hardships. Shockingly, even mutual transfer requests are not being considered.

NFIR, therefore, requests the Railway Board to kindly expedite action for mitigating staff hardships. Federation also seeks meeting with CRB on the PNM subject and a date convenient may kindly be fixed soon. 

Yours faithfully,

(Dr. M. Raghavaiah)
General Secretary 


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