Report of Expert Committee constituted by Hon’ble Raksha Mantri to look into matters on reduction of Litigation including Service and Pension Matters and redressal of grievances

Report of Expert Committee constituted by Hon’ble Raksha Mantri to look into matters on reduction of Litigation including Service and Pension Matters and redressal of grievances


As per directions of the Hon'ble Raksha Mantri, a Committee of Experts has been constituted Which has convened with effect from 31st July 2015 to look into the various aspects related to reduction of litigation, including service and pension matters, and to put into place an effective mechanism for redressal of grievances to ensure the satisfactory redressal of grievances of employees at the lowest possible level. The Committee of Experts has been tasked with looking into not only broad institutional changes but also potential areas of disputes that may result in litigation in the future. The committee would be looking into the nature of grievances, the procedure of resolution and institutional mechanism dealing with the same and also the review and monitoring mechanism. 

The Committee would hence delve into the ibid issues and for the said purposes would require inputs from all concerned departments so as to come out with progressive solutions to ensure a work culture of mutual trust and harmony where the interests of employees as well as the establishment can be balanced out. Efforts shall be made to promote an environment of sustainable satisfaction which in turn would also boost the morale of employees.

The Committee would require the concerned departments and wings to come up recommendations of practical and workable solutions at a macro level after due democratic discussion within each department/wing after invoking an independent thought-process, by way of presentations/papers as per the published schedule on which date a responsible officer of the concerned department/wing may be deputed to present the same and interact/discuss the issues with the Members of the Committee.

The presentation/paper (6 X Copies), inter alia, must cover the following subjects in brief:

A. Existing mechanism of redressal of grievances and challenges faced, solutions recommended for making the existing system of redressal of grievances more transparent, robust, efficient, faster and meeting the' aspirations of the employees as well as protecting the genuine interests of the establishment. 

B. A numerical statement of disputes and nature of grievances currently pending before various Courts and Tribunals under subject and sub-subject wise heads.

C. Policies and procedures that can be changed/amended in-house to reduce litigation. 

D. Policies and procedures that can be changed/amended by way of an inter-departmental or statutory process to reduce litigation.

E. Existing system of review/monitoring and recommendations for evolving a better system of review/monitoring of service and pensionary disputes and their possible solutions with an objective and conciliatory approach devoid of prejudices, personal opinions and favours.

It is hoped and expected that while preparing submissions all concerned would undertake this exercise diligently and with an open mind so as to ensure realistic resolution of issues to enable the Government to focus upon core issues of governance.

Brevity of the presentations/papers/submissions would, be appreciated. Additional suggestions are also welcome.

Supplementary inputs, when required, shall be communicated in due course.


Annexure- 2
Government Of India
Ministry of Defence

Subject: Review of Court Cases/appeals filed by the Government in respect of service matters raised by the employee. 

During the Departmental Council JCM Meeting held on 29th August, 2014, Defence Secretary directed that all Administrative Divisions of MoD shall review all existing court cases, pending with their Divisions and take a clear decision whether to proceed with or drop the case based on, the verdict of Apex Court in a similar case given in favour of petitioners and where the Government has taken a decision to implement the orders of the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India in respect of Petitioners only and not in respect of similarly placed employees. Wherever feasible, the grievances of the similarly placed employees about service matters shall be resolved through administrative channels. This would help in reducing unnecessary litigation as well as resentment amongst employees.

2. The concerned Divisions of MoD are, therefore, requested to review all the pending of Court Cases as mentioned above latest by 31st December and send the progress report in the first week of January to D(CMU). 

3. This issue with the approval of AS(R).

(Himanshu Kumar)
Joint Secretary (E/PG) & CVO
Tel: 2379 2043 



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