7th Pay Commission: Anomaly Committee First formal Meeting, To Know the Discussion took place

7th Pay Commission: Anomaly Committee first formal meeting, To Know the discussion took place


  • The meeting was the first protest was lodged on behalf of the army.
  • Some have raised the issue on disability pension.
  • Disability pension system against the slab.

New Delhi after the seventh pay commission employee unions lodged a protest with the government on many issues. Has threatened to go on strike and work pressure. The government decided to create three committees and a committee of the CPC found in Anomaly (anomaly) created over. The name of the committee was also Anomaly committee. 

The first formal meeting of the Committee held a few days ago. First Army at the meeting on behalf of the protest was lodged in the meeting held on 01st December. The army was in the seventh pay commission on disability pensions have raised the issue. 

Delegates from the army said the seventh pay commission implemented by the slab system is implemented in the disability Pension, it will be considerable discrepancies in civilian side and the military side. The army says that the percentage systems of civilian-side. 

NC-JCM in response to the military's argument that the slab system employees will benefit from the lower strata. Therefore it should be upheld both slab system and percentage system. The workers say that the slab system if possible and should be available for selection in both the percentage system.

Government to negotiate the Secretary (P) on the need to study the issue. The government will take appropriate action after the study.


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