Setting up of a High Level Committee to Review the Minimum Wage, Multiplication Factor

Setting up of a high level committee to review the Minimum Wage Multiplication Factor

Shiva Gopal Mishra

Ph.: 23382286
National Council (Staff Side)
Joint Consultative Machinery
For Central Government Employees
13-C, Ferozshah Road, New Delhi — 110001
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No.NC-JCM-2016/7th CPC

August 12, 2016 
Shri Arun Jaitley,
Hon'ble Finance Minister,
Govt. of India,
North Block,
New Delhi

Sub: Setting up of a high level committee to review the Minimum Wage Multiplication Factor. 

Ref: Our letter of even No. dated 26.7.2016.

Dear Sir,

We solicit your kind reference to the discussion, the representatives of NJCA had with you in the presence of the Honourable Home Minister, Shri Rajnath Singh and the Railway Minister, Shri Suresh Prabhu and the MOS (R) Shri Manoj Sinha on 30th June, 2016. 

We were expecting a quick action on the part of the Government to operationalise the assurance of setting up a high level Committee to go into the Minimum wage, Multiplication factor etc. However, we are disappointed that even after a lapse of more than a month no order has been issued by the Government in this regard. The employees, as you are aware, were angry over the arbitrary determination of the minimum wage by the 7th CPC by mutilating the Dr. Aykhroyd formula and also the propornate multiplication factor. 

We, therefore, appeal to you that the concerned authorities may be asked to expedite the issuance of orders setting up the committee and finalization of the Report within the available time of remaining three months. 

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

(Shiva Gopal Mishra)


  1. AS Former CAG Mr Vinodrai said the pay increase e is so poor. If BJP wants to capture NewDelhi they have to revise fitment factor and Minimum salary...NewDelhi is full of Central govt we all request Mr Arun do urgently.

  2. Honourable FM sir if u rise only 3000 to 4500 Rs after setting pAy commission.then what's meaning of pay commission. R u anti of govt employees??? Either u understand u as king and only servants to us??? Will the inflation does not affect our life??

  3. Use ur votes carefully in 2017 only with reference to their actions.

  4. Dear sri misra ji
    What about optiom 1 for pensioners. If option 1 is not impllimented parity of pension will not happen and old pensioners will have to lose heavily


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