Seeding of Bank Accounts of Pensioners with Aadhaar Numbers

Seeding of Bank Accounts of Pensioners with Aadhaar Numbers

No. I-11011/ 147/2015-DBT
Government of India
Cabinet Secretariat
DBT Mission

4th Floor, Shivaji Stadium Annxexe,
Connaought Place, New Delhi
Dated: 16.03.16
Office Memorandum

Subject : Seeding of bank accounts of pensioners with Aadhaar numbers —reg.

Kindly refer to O.M. no. 1/18/2015-P&PW (E) dated 10.03.16 suggesting for providing multiple bank accounts seeding with Aadhaar number. Following points may be noted in this regard:-

DBT Mission has requested D/o Financial Services to examine the possibility of seeding PMJDY account with Aadhaar number to be used as primary account (single account) for all government benefits to be transferred.

(ii) The present design of NPCI mapper provides for all payments to single bank account seeded to Aadhaar number under Aadhaar Payment Bridge (APB), though multiple accounts can be linked Aadhaar.

2. In view of above, DP&PW may examine possibility, of converting Pensioners' accounts into PMJDY account. Regarding the issue of payment to multiple accounts through APB, the matter may be taken up with DFS, NPCI and UIDAI.
(Piyush Kumar)
Joint Secretary (DBT)
Tel. No. 23343860 Extn. 333
Source:- Pensioner's Portal


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