Entitlement by Air Travel: Railway Board Order

Government of India / Bharat Sarkar
Ministry of-Railways / Rail Mantralaya
(Railway Board) 

RBE No. 154/2015
No. F(E)I/2015/AL-28/23
New Delhi, dated 10.12.2015

The General Managers,
All Indian Railways etc.
(As per Standard Mailing List)

Sub:. Entitlement by Air travel.
Ref: Board(FC)'s DO’ No. 2015-B-235 dated 27.11.2015.
In supersession of Board's letter of even. No. dated 03.06.2015, it has been decided by Board to modify existing entitlement of air travel as under:

"No air travel upto JAG. For SG only one-way travel, if required on justification that air journey is unavoidable. In all cases all air travel would be in economy class only." 

2. These orders are effective from 27.11,2015.

3. Hindi version will follow.

4. Please acknowledge receipt.
(Sonali Chaturvedi)
Dy. Director Finance (Estt.)

Source:- http://www.indianrailways.gov.in/


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