Clarification Compassionate Appointment

Controller General of Defence Accounts
Ulan Batar Road, Palam, Delhi Gantt -110 010

No. AN/VIII/19001//Circular/Vol-II

The All PCsDA/PCA (Fys)/CsDA

Subject: Clarification Compassionate Appointment.
A reference regarding applicability of provision contained in OM No. 14014/2/2009- Est (0) dated 3rd April 2012 in case of appointment of Shri Pankaj on compassionate grounds was received from PCDA (WC) Chandigarh. Shri Pankaj was appointed as Trainee on compassionate grounds on 06.03.2009 and he was placed in the minimum of —1S pay band of Rs 4440-7440 without any Grade Pay as he did not meet criteria of educational qualification required for the post of MTS. In terms of DOPT OM dated 3rd April 2012, a person appointed as Trainee on compassionate grounds has to acquire minimum educational qualification in 5 Years. Since Shri Pankaj has not acquired minimum educational qualification till date, the matter was referred to Ministry of Defence (Finance) to obtain clarification from DOPT on under mentioned points. The clarification issued by DOPT vide their Dy. No. 1128890/15/CR dated 20.11.2015 is as under:-

Points of doubt
Whether Shri Pankaj will continue to be in service as Trainee even if he does notacquire the minimum qualification within five years, if so how long.
Necessary action in terms of paragraph 17 of the consolidated instructions on compassionate appointment contained in DOPT OM No. 14014/02/2012-Estt (D) dated 16.01.2013 regardingtermination of service may be taken. 
Whether counting of 5 years service may commence from the date of issue of clarification of DOPT OM No. 14014/2/2009-Estt (D) dated 03.04.2012 or from the date of his appointment
The instructions I clarifications issued vide DOPT OM No. 14014/212009-Estt (D) dated 03.04.2012 have prospective effect. This means that these instructions will also apply after 03.04.2012 to persons / trainees appointed on compassionate ground before this date.

In view of the above, it is requested to regulate all similar cases accordingly.
(T. K. Jajoria)
Sr. Dy. CGDA (AN)



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