Reservation for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) for Recruitment from Open Market

No.E(NG)II/2014/RC-2/1 List Pt.
New Delhi, 23.09.2015
The General Manager(P),
All Indian Railways & PUs,
The Chairperson/ Railway Recruitment Boards.

Sub: Reservation for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) for recruitment from Open Market - List of posts identified suitable for them-regarding.
As the field units are aware, indents on the recruiting agencies have earlier been placed for posts identified suitable for Persons with Disabilities in terms of instructions contained in Board’s letter No. E(NG)II/2009/RC-2/5 list dated 27.08.2009. Owing to modifications of the said list vide letter No. E(NG)II/2014/RC-2/1 List dated 14.02.2014, many PWD candidates may have been appointed to such posts Which may not be suitable for them now.

It has now been decided by the Board that such PWD candidates who have been so appointed to a post which is directly connected with train operations/running of trains, and if it is felt that they cannot perform their duties efficiently or it is a risk to their life and those of the passengers, General Managers at his own discretion(not to be delegated further) may change the category of their post taking the views of the' Medical Department, wherever required. While doing so their pay scale and other service benefits should not be affected adversely.

(Neeraj Kumar)
Director Estt. (N)II,
Railway Board.

Source:- Indian Railway Board


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