Payment of Productivity Liked Bonus to Civilian Employees of Defence Production Establishment for the year 2014-15

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10-A, S.K.BOSE ROAD, KOLKATA – 700 001

Part I O.O.No.At/12
Date: 16-10-2015

Subject: Payment of Productivity Liked Bonus to Civilian Employees of Defence Production Establishment for the year 2014-15.

A copy of government of India, Ministry of Defence, (Department of Defence prod letter No.10(1)2015/D(Estt/NG) dated 16-10-2015 on the above subject received under OFB,letter bearind No.873/2014/2015-15/A/A dated 16/10/2015 is forwarded herewith for information, guidance and necessary action, please.

Enclosure: As above
Dy .Controller of Accounts (Fys)

Government of India
Ministry of Defence
(Department of Defence Production)

New Delhi dated the 16th October, 2015.
The chairman,
Ordnance Factory Board
10-A, S.K., Bose Road,
Kolkata – 700 001.

New Delhi
The director General of Quality Assurance,
New Delhi.

The Director General of Aeronautical Quality Assurance.
New Delhi.
Subject: Payment of productivity Linked Bonus to civilian Employees of Defence production Establishments for the year 2014-2015.

I am directed to refer to this Ministry’s Letter No.48(4)/98/D(B&C) dated 27th July, 2000 on the above subject and to convey the sanction of the president to payment of productivity Liked Bonus for the year 2014-15 equivalent to 40 days wages to the eligible employee in Defence production Establishments as mentioned therein with an overall ceiling of wages of Rs.3500/- per month (30 days).

2. The casual labour who has worked for at least 240 days, in each year, for 03 years or more, will be eligible for this PLB payment. The amount will be paid on a notional Monthly wages of Rs.750/- in case where the accual emoluments fall below Rs.750/- per month, the amount will be calculated an actual monthly emoluments. All payments under these orders will be rounded off to the nearest rupee.

3. The above sanction is subject to the following conditions:-

(a) OFB will submit a monthly status report on the progress achieved to review the formula for calculation of PLB which otherwise would have been reviewed after three years from implementation i.e. from the accounting year 1999-2000.

(b) GMs of each of the respective factories should submit the certificate regarding standard man-hours for jobs whenever there is a change in production processes or when new labour saving machines are introduced, incorporating the following details:-

(i) Standard Man Hours before the installation of CNC Machines.
(ii) Standard Man Hours after the installation of CNC Mechines
(iii) Difference between the above two leading to savings in Standard Man Hours.

In the event of more than one CNC Machine being installed on two different occasions, each time figures are to be updated for additional subsequent addition of CNC Machine.

4. The expenditure will be debited to Major Head 2079 of the Defence Services Estimates (Ordnance Factories) and to the respective heads to which the pay and allowance of employees of allied establishments are debited.

5. This issues with concurrence of Ministry of Finance and MoD (Finance Division) vide their Dy.No.673 dated 16.10.2015.
(Amian Das)
Under Secretary to the Govt. Of india
Tele: 23017248



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