Compulsory Retirement after 30 Years Service/ on reaching of 50 Years of Age ? Views of Employees

Recently, the Central Government Employee’s Welfare Ministry released an announcement which has created panic and commotion among the central government employees.

In the announcement it has been said that senior officials have to analyse the service record and decide whether employees who have completed thirty years of service or reached their 50th year should continue their service or be advised to leave service after three months notice.

Does it take a management to learn that an official or an employee is unfit to continue in service when he has reached his 50th year? Does it take thirty years of continuous service to assess the efficiency of an employee?

Can’t the ability of an employee be learnt during his probation period? Leaving an employee at such times and trying to force him out of service when he is old appears rather inhumane.

When problems like educations expenses of children, marriage and housing loan afflict employees, the announcement of compulsory retirement will certainly be a great shock.

Hence, Central Government should provide an explanation about the announcement and help clear the doubts of the central Government Employees. Changes have to be made at the beginning itself. If the Central Government brings changes at a very late period then the purpose for which it released this very announcement would become futile and ineffective. On the contrary, it will only lead to a loss of trust that employees have on the Central Government.


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